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  • Common Commercial Real Estate Lending Terms and Requirements

    Understanding lending terms is critical to developing a good financial plan for your business. That business plan, in turn, can impact your financing options. Thus, everything is tied together. Being educated on all fronts will help you achieve greater success in the commercial real estate business. Below is an overview of common commercial real estate […]

  • Commercial Lease Provisions that Protect Landlords

    Lease terms, when written properly, can be leveraged to protect a landlord’s interests. It is important to ensure that any lease that you propose to prospective tenants shield you from certain risks. Here’s a look at several common commercial lease provisions that protect landlords. Personal Guaranty Most business entities legally shield owners from personal liability […]

  • Financing Commercial Development Projects in Boston

    The demand for commercial new construction remains high in the Greater Boston area. As Boston attracts high-tech businesses, those companies often demand new and modern buildings. The challenge for developers is how to finance these projects, as self-funding is often not feasible. Here’s a look at the most common options for financing commercial development projects […]

  • Tips for Securing Commercial Real Estate Loans in Boston

    The terms and conditions of your commercial loans play a major role in the financial success of your commercial real estate investment purchases. Thus, it’s important to consider how you plan and approach your financing. Here are a few tips for securing commercial real estate loans in Boston. Get Your Ducks in a Row Lenders […]

  • Life Span for Commercial Building Components

    No investment analysis would be complete without an evaluation of life span for commercial building components. These are truly unique for every commercial property and greatly depend on the quality and history of its individual components. Below, we take a look at the most important building features and typical life expectancies. Building Structures The building […]

  • Commercial Property Life Span Factors

    Understanding property life span is critical to investment decision making. Given that estimates can vary based on a multitude of factors, it is equally important to understand commercial property life span factors. In this article, we take a look at common factors affecting Boston commercial properties. Weather and Exposure The environment and weather play a […]

  • 3 Ways to Attract Commercial Tenants in the Boston Market

    Although commercial vacancy rates in the Boston area have remained steady, competition for elite tenants is high. Landlords must therefore find ways to set themselves apart. If you are not quite sure what approach you should take, consider these three ways to attract commercial tenants in the Boston market. Incorporate Technology Technology is at the […]

  • Boston Commercial Leasing Tips for Landlords

    Commercial real estate leasing has changed dramatically over the years. From property amenities to market conditions and tenant qualifications, the scope and depth of information that must be considered by landlords has grown. Before you list your property for lease, consider these Boston commercial leasing tips for landlords. Attract the Right Tenants Identifying your preferred […]

  • Internet Connectivity Impacts Office Lease Rates

    Internet connectivity is crucial for businesses operating in today’s modern world. It therefore comes as no surprise that internet connectivity impacts office lease rates. What factors contribute to connectivity quality? And how can building owners get their infrastructure certified? Measuring Internet Connectivity There are different ways to measure the quality of Internet connectivity for a […]

  • Supplementary Factors Affecting CRE Values in Boston

    From a simplistic view, CRE market value is influenced by demand, supply, property utility, and transferability. However, there are a wide range of factors that contribute to those 4 components. These supplementary factors can be grouped into location, market, appraisal, leasing, and building characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these. Location […]