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  • Boston Commercial Leasing Tips for Landlords

    Commercial real estate leasing has changed dramatically over the years. From property amenities to market conditions and tenant qualifications, the scope and depth of information that must be considered by landlords has grown. Before you list your property for lease, consider these Boston commercial leasing tips for landlords. Attract the Right Tenants Identifying your preferred […]

  • Internet Connectivity Impacts Office Lease Rates

    Internet connectivity is crucial for businesses operating in today’s modern world. It therefore comes as no surprise that internet connectivity impacts office lease rates. What factors contribute to connectivity quality? And how can building owners get their infrastructure certified? Measuring Internet Connectivity There are different ways to measure the quality of Internet connectivity for a […]

  • Supplementary Factors Affecting CRE Values in Boston

    From a simplistic view, CRE market value is influenced by demand, supply, property utility, and transferability. However, there are a wide range of factors that contribute to those 4 components. These supplementary factors can be grouped into location, market, appraisal, leasing, and building characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these. Location […]

  • CRE Property Appraisal Methods for Greater Boston

    Property appraisals are a detailed financial analysis to determine exact market value at a distinct point in time. They are often performed when properties are bought and sold, with their results having major impact on the purchase and finance of CRE properties. Although appraisals generate exact values, they may be calculated using 3 different methods […]

  • CRE Valuation Approaches for Boston Commercial Properties

    Whether you are evaluating a potential investment, estimating taxes or insurance, or looking to list your property for sale, you will need to estimate value using reliable methods and calculations in order to make smart business decisions. Below are key CRE valuation approaches for Boston Commercial Properties. CRE Property Value CRE property value is one […]

  • Growing Demand for Shared Office Space in Boston

      The concept of office space leasing has changed dramatically over the last 10 years with the introduction of shared office space. In and around major cities such as Boston, this trend is growing rapidly with both small and medium sized companies. Why is this option so appealing? Here’s a look at the reasons behind […]

  • Commercial Real Estate Office Design Trends

    Office design trends directly impact office leasing and sales. It influences the types of businesses that you may attract, lease rates, and more. For this reason, it’s important for landlords to stay up to date on the latest commercial real estate office design trends. Here are some key trends to consider. Open Spaces Modern office […]

  • Demand for Commercial New Construction Projects in Boston

    It’s no secret that Boston is in a real estate boom. Real estate activity along with increased business activity has led to higher demand for commercial new construction projects. Here’s a quick look at factors that contribute to new construction initiatives and how builders are altering their approach and practices to adjust to changing times. […]

  • Boston Office Space Vacancy Rates and Market Trends

    The Boston commercial real estate market is one of the strongest in the nation. Here’s a quick look at the statistics and how Boston compares to other major cities across the country. Boston Market Area Vacancy Rate The Boston office space vacancy rate has remained fairly steady from quarter to quarter. It shifted just 0.1% […]

  • 4 Factors that Impact Pricing for Office Leases

    There are various approaches to pricing commercial real estate leases, the most effective of which include several key elements that are sometimes overlooked. This is particularly true when it comes to office spaces. Are you incorporating these factors that impact pricing for office space leases into your pricing structure? Location The old saying that real […]

  • Using CRE Technology to Attract Tenants

    As commercial real estate (CRE) technology becomes more affordable, how can landlords use it to attract tenants, facilitate tenant relationships, reduce operating expenses, and improve bottom lines? There are many options currently available on the market. Here are some that directly benefit both tenants and landlords. Digital Payments Some people don’t even have checkbooks anymore, […]