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  • Changing Landscape of Retail Space in Boston

    With store closings and the bankruptcy of major retail chains, the retail industry is changing before our very eyes. Online retailers are thriving while storefront retailers are struggling. Recent developments are only a prelude to the many more changes to come in this industry. How can commercial investors adapt to the changing landscape of retail […]

  • Boston Commercial Real Estate Market Trends

    The Boston market is continually shifting and morphing based on commercial activity and changes to different industries. As we progress through 2019, it is helpful to look back at 2018 and the most recent CRE developments. How might these Boston commercial real estate market trends impact the 2019 market? Shared Office Space Growth Although not […]

  • 4 Must-Have Commercial Real Estate Building Tech Features

    Technology has changed the way we all live and work. As a result, technology infrastructures are a critical component for acquiring and retaining CRE tenants. What are the must-have commercial real estate building tech features? 1 – Internet Connectivity One hour of lost connectivity can be detrimental to most modern businesses nowadays. The same applies […]

  • Importance Of Tenant Mix In Commercial Real Estate

    There are strategies in commercial real estate that can significantly increase the value of a property and even cultivate lasting change in the community. A proper tenant mix is one of those strategies. Creating the right tenant mix can facilitate consumer spending, boost the local economy, and positively influence demand for your space. Below is […]

  • Before Selling A CRE Property in Massachusetts

    Before selling a commercial property in Massachusetts, there are several steps that you can take to maximize its value and your return on investment. Below are a few key tasks to keep in mind. Stage Your Property For Sale First impressions are everything! Discerning buyers will look for signs of how the building has been […]

  • Achieving Net Zero In Commercial Buildings

    New technology has changed the way builders and property owners approach energy efficiency. Achieving net zero in commercial buildings has become a top priority for many, as the savings can be significant. There are far more reliable and affordable options now than compared to a decade ago, and that trend is continuing. If extra capital […]

  • Common Commercial Real Estate Lending Terms and Requirements

    Understanding lending terms is critical to developing a good financial plan for your business. That business plan, in turn, can impact your financing options. Thus, everything is tied together. Being educated on all fronts will help you achieve greater success in the commercial real estate business. Below is an overview of common commercial real estate […]

  • Commercial Lease Provisions that Protect Landlords

    Lease terms, when written properly, can be leveraged to protect a landlord’s interests. It is important to ensure that any lease that you propose to prospective tenants shield you from certain risks. Here’s a look at several common commercial lease provisions that protect landlords. Personal Guaranty Most business entities legally shield owners from personal liability […]

  • Financing Commercial Development Projects in Boston

    The demand for commercial new construction remains high in the Greater Boston area. As Boston attracts high-tech businesses, those companies often demand new and modern buildings. The challenge for developers is how to finance these projects, as self-funding is often not feasible. Here’s a look at the most common options for financing commercial development projects […]

  • Tips for Securing Commercial Real Estate Loans in Boston

    The terms and conditions of your commercial loans play a major role in the financial success of your commercial real estate investment purchases. Thus, it’s important to consider how you plan and approach your financing. Here are a few tips for securing commercial real estate loans in Boston. Get Your Ducks in a Row Lenders […]