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Decades of research as well as post occupancy evaluations have supported the notion that workplace design impacts employee productivity, satisfaction, recruitment, and retention.  These finding have inspired innovations in the workplace design, including more day lighting, shared and collaborative spaces to smart work areas.

The workspace design continues to evolve to meet the needs and requirements of a new generation of employees and the changing ways in which people wish to work.  One factor that is contributing to the redesign of workspace design is that upper management are electing to work and sit among their employees, spurring a more democratic collaboration among departments and individual employees.  Other factors include the need to provide flexible work environment while ensuring the technology required is mobile, invisible, and mostly wireless.  In order to retain a new generation of employees and keep them healthy, productive, satisfied, facility managers are seeking new inspired and imaginative workplace design space.

In designing such workplaces, such factors as redistribution of space, multipurpose circulation space, nature inside and out, branding beyond the logo, wellness at the workstation, and eliminating wires.  For further information and a full account of “ 6 new designs for productivity” go to Building Operating Management.