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Articles Posted in the " Commercial " Category

  • Harvard to Help Expand Boston’s Real Estate Market

    Boston has experienced a recent real estate boom especially in hotbed areas such as Kendall Square. With Massachusetts Institute of Technology situated nearby, the life science and technology markets have exploded within the Cambridge market. This boom has come with a price however, as rent prices for prime space have risen sharply with the decline […]

  • Boston Retail Market in Q1 2015

    The commercial real estate retail market has experienced minimal change in the first quarter of 2015. The retail market saw the vacancy rate held at 3.9%; vacancy rates are determined by a “percentage of the total amount of physically vacant space divided by the total amount of existing inventory.” The Boston retail market includes the […]

  • Solar Energy & What It Can Mean For Your Property

    Solar Energy & What It Can Mean For Your Property

    photo by:http://blog.ucsusa.org/solar-power-blooms-across-the-country-121 As the world is pushing for more ecologically-friendly energy sources, the people of Boston are responding by increasing clean, renewable, and sustainable energy sources, such as solar energy panels. Solar energy panels work because of the photo-voltaic process, which is a chemical phenomenon that occurs when an electrical charge, or voltage, is generated […]

  • Farm-to-Table Restaurants Becoming the New Neighborhood Eatery

    Farm-to-Table Restaurants Becoming the New Neighborhood Eatery

    photo by: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/a-farm-to-table-restaurant-with-organic-appeal.html Farm-to-table is the new trend, and Boston’s restaurant scene has really picked up on it. From sourcing ingredients from local food vendors and becoming a true part of the neighborhood, farm-to-table restaurants are receiving tremendous success right now. Most of these farm-to-table restaurants have an atmosphere different from any other type of […]

  • We Dance With The Beat Of The Economy

    We Dance With The Beat Of The Economy

    In the past decade, the commercial real estate industry has been going through its ups and downs. From 2000 to 2010, large numbers of commercial real estate companies had been showing up but the industry revenue didn’t catch up with the speed of increasing companies. Then the winter came with the economic recession, busted the […]

  • Healthier Economy Brings Better Business Opportunities

    Healthier Economy Brings Better Business Opportunities

      The Business Monitor International upgraded their 2014 real GDP growth forecast from 2.7% to 2.8% with growth set to average 2.4% per year from 2013-2018. Our economy is recovering. With a growing external trade demand from the key US trade partners, including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, both the industrial and office segments […]

  • Cambridge Attracting More History Fans and Commercial Investors

    Cambridge Attracting More History Fans and Commercial Investors

    Waiting for the new episode of the True Detective or Once Upon a Time? Consider yourself a mystery, history or architecture fan? Stretch your legs and get ready to explore the fascinating historical Cambridge Common Historic District on a sunny morning. The Cambridge Common Historic District is a historic district located in one of the […]

  • Update: Kendall Square development

    Update: Kendall Square development

    The redevelopment of Kendall Square has received zoning approval from the city of East Cambridge. The 26 acres owned by MIT have been rezoned and construction will likely transform the area into a center for innovation. The approval Monday allows the construction of two 300-foot-high buildings—provided that any space above 250 feet is residential. On […]

  • The Kendall Square Initiative

    The Kendall Square Initiative

    On February 5, 2013 the East Cambridge Business Association released updated plans to revitalize Kendall Square as a world-renowned center of innovation. The goal of redevelopment is to create a vibrant, mixed-use district that will compliment innovations underway on MIT’s campus. ABG Commercial is excited about the development of the PUD-5 district. As the housing […]

  • 300K of improvements to Mechanics Hall

    300K of improvements to Mechanics Hall

    Mechanics Hall a concert venue in Worcester, Ma is to undergo $300,000 in renovations. The money will be used to restore the 1864 pipe organ. There will be repairs to the roof, the elevator shaft, the exterior walls and the windows.  The speaker system and amplifiers in the venue are 30 years old; funds will […]

  • Frye Boots Co. to Open Shop On Newbury

    Frye Boots Co. to Open Shop On Newbury

    Charley’s Eating and Drinking Saloonon Newbury closed its door’s less than a week ago.  Now Frye Boot Co. is looking to open up shop in Charley’s place.  Looking to sign as early as Friday, the 8,000 square foot property will undoubtedly be off the market soon. Frye Boots is a 149-year-old company, and has its […]

  • North End Brought Over

    North End Brought Over

    Love fine Italian food? Good news, the Italian sisters who opened NEBO, or The North End Boston restaurant are set to open another location at Atlantic Wharf by next year. (Above Left, The sister’s new location in Atlantic Wharf, Above Right, The sister’s existing location in Boston’s North End) The Pallotta sisters, Carla and Christine […]