Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Commercial real estate is a dynamic industry, and space is a valuable commodity that must be safeguarded. Considering that lease-related expenses are one of the largest line items in a company’s budget, not only is time money, but space is money. Understanding the value contained in lease documents is essential for tenants to achieve the full economic value of their lease.

ABG Commercial Advisors assists tenants in maximizing the value of their commercial leases by identifying financial opportunities for recovery within the provisions of their lease. We assist companies in determining if expenses have been escalated accurately according to the negotiated lease provisions and help them gain an understanding of where areas of potential discrepancies between landlords and tenants may exist.

Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)

The key to any Broker’s success is the value presented to the client. The Broker ‘s opinion as to a commercial property’s current market value is based upon an attentive analysis of market and property conditions that affect the value of a commercial property in a given location.

In preparing the Broker Opinion of Value, a licensed ABG Advisor will gather all pertinent information concerning the property which may include expenses, physical conditions, income status, projections, zoning, environment data, and any information relating to the property site visit. In reviewing this information along with other references, the Advisor will carefully analyze comparable properties that are on the market and those properties that have recently sold. Our experts will provide you with an assessment of the value that the market would place on the property in the event of a sale.

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