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Landlord/Tenant Representation

Real estate is generally your company's number two expense after human resources. The process of choosing a facility that offers the right balance of economics, functionality, flexibility, and image is complex and time-consuming. Making the wrong decision can be costly. Associated Brokerage Group, LLC. has the tools, commitment and experience to help you make the best decisions for your company. Our tenant representation professionals can guide you through the space procurement process every step of the way, from evaluating your space needs and recommending creative solutions, to negotiating leases and eventually helping you move into your new space. As every tenant is unique, we employ a custom approach that meets each client’s need for a variety of transaction types:

  • *Space Expansions
    *Lease Negotiations
    *Facility Relocation
  • *Space Consolidations
    *Lease Renewals
    *Facility acquisitions

Best Possible Advice

Navigating the countless issues and challenges associated with real estate distracts you from pursuing your core business objectives.

ABG Commercial Advisor's experienced professionals tackle these issues every day. Enlisting the expert skills of our professionals will minimize the disruption of your business and help you determine the correct real estate solution.

How do you know what the best possible location is for your operation? If you need more space, should you seek it in the same place or in an alternative location? You may be a skilled negotiator, but do you have the experience necessary to negotiate the best possible lease terms? The different sites available to you may vary widely not only in rent and location, but in taxes, construction costs, energy efficiency, employee demographics, and a host of other variables.

ABG Commercial Advisor's professionals will guide you through the entire process. We’ll help you identify and choose from the most appropriate options and negotiate the best possible agreement for your chosen location.

Our process includes:

In-depth Assessment of your Business and Real Estate Needs
Compilation of Decision-Making Data
Transaction Negotiation and Execution
Creation of Performance Standards
Identification of Real Estate Alternatives that Satisfy Guidelines of a Strategic Plan
Integration of Additional Services (Program Management Construction)
Establishment of a Strategic Real Estate Plan Guided by your Corporate Objectives
Performance Assessment-Benchmark Goals and Objectives Versus Final Outcome

For each potential location we will evaluate:

Space Efficiencies
Property Amenities
Traffic Patterns
Area Amenities
Available Labor Force
Property Operating Costs
Lease Economic Issues to Include Rental Rates, Escalations, Tenant
Improvement Allowances, Rental and Lease Concessions, Lease Language, and
Renewal and Expansion Options.


The Benefits


Tenants can search for a building with the least amount of publicity through an exclusive tenant representative who is acting as a fiduciary. This means that news of a possible relocation will incite minimal alarm from the tenants' employees. It also permits tenants to expand or relocate without being scrutinized by current landlords, competitors, various sales people and the public in general.

Time Efficiency

The exclusive tenant representative will know the client's requirements and specifications, and will only view appropriate, qualifying properties. This saves the tenant valuable time. Also, as only the exclusive representative will be actively searching, market research is not being duplicated.

Objective Evaluations

Since a tenant representative has no interest in promoting one building over another, a more objective evaluation of that building can be presented. With this alternative, the tenant will no longer have to deal with the bias associated with having to lease buildings which are also listed by that representative’s company. The tenant representative works exclusively for the tenant, not for a particular building or owner.

Market Knowledge

As a result of the tenant representative's expertise and ability to create a competitive environment among different candidate buildings, tenants will be more educated about the market, allowing them greater flexibility and leverage. This quickly puts tenants who are unfamiliar with a specific real estate market on the same footing as a knowledgeable local landlord.

Future Landlord Relations

Since the tenant representative acts as a mediator and negotiator, the tenant does not have to be directly involved with face-to-face negotiations. As a result, there is less chance of a toughly-negotiated lease creating ill will between the landlord and tenant.

Landlord Comfort

A developer or building owner will be assured of a tenant's qualifications and ability to negotiate a lease when a qualified, experienced, tenant representative is involved. This involvement permits the landlord to acquire all necessary information quickly so that an expedient decision can be made.

Fiduciary Responsibility

By law, a real estate agent has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of his/her principal. A real estate broker retained to represent a tenant is obligated to negotiate the best deal for the tenant consistent with what he/she believes the landlord will accept. This is true even though he/she will be paid by the landlord if a lease is effective between the landlord and prospective tenant.

Market Research

Market intelligence is a critical tool in making fact-based decisions and managing risk. ABG Commercial Advisor’s research and information services play a critical role in the analytical process. Our research analysts provide a variety of support information, such as:


Employee Retention and Recruitment Potential
New Construction
Effective Rental Rates and Values
Location of Labor Pools
Transportation Issues
Space Availability
Domicile Issues
Absorption Rates
Government Incentives


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