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3 ways to attract commercial tenants

Although commercial vacancy rates in the Boston area have remained steady, competition for elite tenants is high. Landlords must therefore find ways to set themselves apart. If you are not quite sure what approach you should take, consider these three ways to attract commercial tenants in the Boston market.

Incorporate Technology

Technology is at the core of many modern businesses. Incorporating modern technologies into your building infrastructure can appeal to booming high-tech businesses. From building security to climate control and tenant management software, there are many commercial real estate technologies available that would benefit both you and your tenants. One particularly important one to focus on is Internet connectivity. Recent studies have shown a correlation between verified connectivity and higher lease rates. Read our recent blog post on this very topic.

Promote Energy Efficiency

Environmental consciousness is growing in the business community. Businesses not only want to reduce their carbon foot print but they are also recognizing the many health benefits of green workspaces. By including energy efficient features in commercial building materials, mechanicals, and operations, landlords can extend this benefit to their tenants. It’s a great way to appeal to environmentally conscious commercial tenants.

Offer Attractive Building Amenities

Building amenities are another of the many ways to attract commercial tenants in the Boston market. Working in the city is very fast-paced. On-site amenities can therefore be a huge convenience for busy city professionals. It can also create a micro-community for tenants, allowing them to extend their social circles. Learn more about the importance of building amenities in commercial real estate.

Other Ways to Attract Commercial Tenants in the Boston Market

The above are just three examples of ways to attract commercial tenants in the Boston market. Depending on your particular commercial property and your target tenants, there may be other factors that you can leverage in your marketing efforts. Contact ABG Realty for additional information and assistance with your Boston commercial real estate needs.

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