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Plummeting Inflation Raises New Risk for Fed: Rising Real Interest Rates

By Nick Timiraos Federal Reserve officials start the year with a problem they would ordinarily love to have: Inflation has fallen much faster than expected. It does, nonetheless, pose a conundrum. The reason: If inflation has sustainably returned to the Fed’s 2% target, then real rates—nominal rates adjusted for inflation—have risen and might be restricting economic activity too […]

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What Are the Options for Real Estate Owners Facing Loan Defaults

By Harold Bordwin The almost daily announcements in the press about defaults, foreclosures, deeds-in-lieu and, among other things, the forthcoming sale of Signature Bank’s $33 billion commercial real estate loan portfolio are ominous signs for the real estate community. They reflect the challenges facing commercial real estate owners and lenders in this age of elevated interest rates […]

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How Municipalities Can Attract Private-Sector Investment

By: Gary Kerr The Commercial Triangle district in Everett, Massachusetts, provides a case study in putting a strategic vision into action. Municipal leaders are continually seeking to improve their communities by bringing in private-sector investment, which catalyzes growth and opportunity. But how can a municipality attract the right kind of investment? Welcome to Everett Located just […]

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A $1 trillion-plus wall of multifamily debt will mature by 2027. Is that a ballooning concern?

By Ashley Fahey Although loans backing office properties are the most scrutinized these days, a wall of debt is also maturing within the multifamily sector in the coming years. And while multifamily continues to be seen as one of the safer asset classes, already, there’ve been recent examples of loan defaults on multifamily portfolios, including four […]

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The HYM Investment Group, Cathexis, National Real Estate Advisors, Break Ground on Historic Suffolk Downs Redevelopment

by Boston Real Estate Times REVERE – Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo along with Revere and Boston city officials, joined executives from The HYM Investment Group (“HYM”), Cathexis and National Real Estate Advisors (“National”) to break ground on the former racetrack site at Suffolk Downs. The event marks the beginning of the transformation of the underutilized […]

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