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Boston Marathon

This year is Boston’s 119th hosting of the Boston Marathon. On April 20th at 8:50 in the morning, the first wave of runners will be released. The trek is run by more than 35,000 athletes, 98 percent of which finish. Groups of male runners, female runners, and handicapped racers all compete for the best times. One million viewers from around the world are anticipated to stand along the 26.2 mile route, making it one of the biggest events in New England.

Thanks to this year’s upcoming Boston Marathon, Boston retail shops, restaurants, and real estate can all expect a boost in revenue. Boston’s economy profits annually from one of the most popular sports events in the country. People, domestic and international, visit the city in order to watch and participate, oftentimes using the weekend to explore Boston. The Boston Marathon webpage itself has links to Boston’s tourism and travel offices. Sales go up in several areas, especially travel and accommodation. TV coverage of the race results in abundant advertising and campaigning. Many opportunities to promote one’s business are available, from TV advertisements to race sponsors. The Boston Marathon even encourages programs in favor of green living and charities. More than $140 million dollars have been raised since its commencement in 1989.

People exploring the city get to experience the atmosphere of Boston on Patriots day during a very active and exciting event. It quickly stimulates overall interest in the area. Start-ups as well as relocating companies might see potential in the United States’ 14th most popular city (by international visitors as cited on Trip Advisor). The international audience that comes from so many visitors provides an extra incentive to establish a business in Boston; it offers more customers easily willing to purchase American goods. As the race approaches and tickets continue being bought, we can expect resurgence in sales after a slow few weeks of snow.


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