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New Life into Old Office Spaces in Boston

Agents everywhere are bound to eventually face the task of turning a less than appealing office building into a place where tenants will be excited to work. The rising number of millennials entering the workforce has in turn created a rising demand for trendy, creative, yet efficient work spaces. While reinvigorating an old space may seem like a daunting job, the solution may be as simple as adding some fresh technology.

Readily available technology such as display screens can be a cheap and easy solution to transforming an office. Displays such as tablets or monitors can have a wide array of uses that will not only add a new look to a space as well as provide a key functional use. Take for example PepsiCo’s main headquarters in New York, where tablets are being used to educate visitors on the history of the company as well as to showcase current sales leaders within the company. Panic Inc., a company that develops apps for smartphones, utilizes their display screens to project daily revenue growth as well as updated counts on service requests. Tablets can even be implemented as makeshift secretaries, used to reserve meeting rooms and other spaces around the office to improve efficiency, proven by Deloitte’s state of the art office spaces.

These are just a few examples of how modern day businesses are implementing new technology around their work spaces. Each of these companies have proven that by utilizing these tools, companies can quickly and effectively transform their office into a fresh, interactive, and efficient environment.





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