Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic Bag Ban

No Plastic Bags Allowed
No Plastic Bags Allowed

Recently, the city of Cambridge proposed a new ban – on plastic bags. The city wants to go green, more so than they already have. They think that banning disposable plastic bags will help the environment. Cambridge City Councilors have advanced this proposal, but will hold another public hearing before a final decision is made. When the public hearing will be is unknown at this time.

The Councilors had a voice vote where they passed a plastic bag reduction ordinance to a second reading, but decided that the banning of all plastic bags will need to be further looked into.

The Council’s Ordinance Committee voted for the ban in December.  However Mayor David Maher, stated that the council, in this new year, has four new members and some of the other members who were on the council in December couldn’t make it to the last hearing held in December. Holding another hearing would allow the full council to hear the details of the plastic ban proposal before a vote is made.

Former City Councilor, Marjorie Decker proposed this ban stating that “the bags cause pollution, fill up landfills, and are harmful to wildlife”. Decker now is a state representative for the 25th Middlesex District and is no longer a part of the Cambridge City Council.

The proposal states that in place of disposable plastic bags, retailers need to provide only recyclable or reusable bags to customers who make a purchase at their establishment. The proposed ban would allow reusable bags and some paper bags to serve as substitutes to the plastic ones. Paper bags contain recycled material and are 100% recyclable, making them a better option.

Going Green is a common idea now between industries, retailers, and cities. Cambridge is taking a step further in bettering its city. Would you like the opportunity to have an industrial space, or retail space in Cambridge? If so you can check out some available spaces here!


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