4 Must-Have Commercial Real Estate Building Tech Features

Building Tech Features

4 Must-Have Commercial Real Estate Building Tech Features

Building Tech Features

Technology has changed the way we all live and work. As a result, technology infrastructures are a critical component for acquiring and retaining CRE tenants. What are the must-have commercial real estate building tech features?

1 – Internet Connectivity

One hour of lost connectivity can be detrimental to most modern businesses nowadays. The same applies to slow connectivity or lack of reliability. More than ever, commercial tenants demand reliable Internet connectivity and are willing to pay top dollar to ensure it. If your target customers are hi-tech tenants, then consider measuring your internet connectivity and obtaining wired certification.

2 – Smart Buildings

Smart building technology is popular in both residential and commercial applications. These days, most homes are equipped with video doorbells, Wi-Fi thermostats, security cameras, etc. The growth in residential technology use is  driving demand for the same in commercial spaces. Smart buildings are becoming a must-have tech amenities. Keyless entry, hi-tech security systems, electronic climate controls, and the like are critical to attracting tech-savvy commercial tenants.   

3 – Device Charging Stations

With so many smart devices used in our daily lives, one of the biggest problems is keeping them powered. Something as simple as device charging stations is now a must-have. Including this in modern commercial building design can greatly improve the appeal to CRE tenants.

4 – Access to/for Modern Services

The services that companies and employees use on a daily basis is changing. More people and businesses are using electric vehicles that need charging during the day. Instead of driving to work, they may rent bicycles or take an Uber. Rather than having packages delivered to homes, they may request same-day delivery to work. In-person meetings are being replaced by video conferencing. As the services and tools used by companies changes, modern commercial buildings will need to accommodate them.

Summary of Must-Have Commercial Real Estate Building Tech Features

The above must-have commercial real estate building tech features are just a few examples of building features that are now in high-demand. As you consider the offerings of your commercial properties, you can use these types of features to attract tenants and increase the demand for your CRE buildings. For additional advice and guidance on how to attract tenants and maximize the rental rates in your commercial space, contact our team. As Boston commercial real estate experts, we can assist with all of your CRE and leasing needs.