The New Alternative to Leather Desk Chairs

The New Alternative to Leather Desk Chairs


By now, virtually all of the United States (at least) knows of Marissa Meyer, who was appointed to be the CEO of Yahoo! back in 2012.  When thinking of Meyer, one of the things that come to mind are probably all the changes that Meyer made when taking on her new position.  Personally, I also think of the fact that Meyer uses an exercise ball at her desk as opposed to a chair numerous times a week.

This form of “active seating” – using your abdominal muscles and back to keep your body upright as opposed to slumping in a chair – peaked my interest. Granted, it’s a simple, innate way of seating.  However, it seems that active seating has been pushed to the wayside in favor of slumping at our computers in a large leather desk chair.  There must be a way to resolve this, so I looked into it.

Not all offices have the space to accommodate a large exercise ball.  When thinking of space-saving alternatives, a stool often comes to mind.  However, it’s doubtful that anyone wants to spend 40 or more hours a week on a piece of seating reminiscent of what was in a high-school art class.  More comfortable options were easily found, Such as the Swopper Stool, which is quickly becoming a cult favorite.  Other great options include the Mogo Seat, Aeris Muvan, and my personal favorite the Turnstone Buoy.

With various reviews and articles out there covering this topic, as well as Ms. Meyer’s admiration for an exercise ball, do you think you’d try active seating in your office?

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