Biotech companies promise 1,000 jobs

Biotech companies promise 1,000 jobs

Thirty life sciences companies in Massachusetts have pledged to create nearly 1,000 jobs next year in exchange for $23.9 million in tax incentives awarded Thursday by a state board.

The awards work out to a public subsidy of about $23,900 per job.

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Board awarded the tax incentives under a program established in 2008 in connection with the state’s 10-year, $1 billion commitment to the biotech industry, including $25 million in annual tax incentives.

The largest incentives went to Shire HGT Inc., which pledged to create 150 jobs with tax incentives worth $5.9 million and Sanofi-Aventis US Inc., which received $2.45 million in incentives and promised to generate 100 jobs.

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