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Facing the high pressure from e-commerce competitor Amazon and the discount retail chain such as Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble is working hard to shrink the loss. Its traditional bookstores and college stores have better performance than Nook e-readers, although Barnes & Noble has invested big money on its tablets that were struggling in making profits in the past years.

Earlier Barnes & Noble announced the brand split plan between its book store and Nook e-readers, which is believed to be the best options for the shareholders. It is also working with SamSung developing the new Nook tablet to give it a shot. Hopefully in 2015 the new tablet, Nook-sung (named by author), will be on the market with the non-tablet Nook e-reader. Barnes & Noble is going to continue investing on its software and e-library service to help Barnes & Noble Inc. increase the shareholder value.

The following question towards Barnes & Noble’s business separation will come to its upcoming retail strategy – Will Nook be sold in B&N’s bookstore and under BN.com?  Or come up with its brand-new website with separate industrial and marketing channel? Will we happen to walk in a Nook Media store on Newbury Street in the coming year? Let’s see.


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