CHA completes major reconfiguration including Somerville Hospital

CHA completes major reconfiguration including Somerville Hospital

Somerville — The move next week of Cambridge Health Alliance’s Human Resources Department into CHA’s Somerville Hospital Campus completes a major system-wide reconfiguration project that began nearly two years ago in the wake of state budget cuts that threatened the public healthcare system’s viability.

“Two years ago there were concerns and even suggestions that we would close the Somerville Campus,” said Cambridge Health Alliance Chief Executive Officer Dennis Keefe. “Instead we have transformed it into an even more vital and vibrant health care and administrative facility that will continue to serve our patients there and contribute economically to the community.”

More of CHA’s patients live in Somerville than in any other of the communities the network serves.

Most noticeable are the changes that took place at the Somerville Hospital Campus where CHA rededicated its commitment to the city and patients there. CHA transformed Somerville Hospital, retaining and expanding key services such as Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, and outpatient specialty care, as well as utilizing the campus as a major health care administrative center housing most of CHA’s business functions such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal, Risk Management, and Philanthropy. Nearly 400 people now work daily at the Somerville Campus, a roughly 29 percent increase over pre-reconfiguration employment. The consolidation of various departments at Somerville will save CHA nearly $1 million in lease costs in FY 2012.

“Adequate access to health care is a primary concern for Somerville, the most densely populated city in the Commonwealth,” said Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “We’re very supportive of CHA’s public hospital mission and are pleased it will continue to be an important and vital member of our community.”

Keefe also noted CHA’s commitment to broader health care issues in the city.

“We will continue our work there to address larger community health issues, such as obesity and substance abuse prevention efforts where we have already played a leading role,” Keefe said. “These services and programs are a critical part of our shared vision for a healthy Somerville and will remain a priority.”

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