NESN – Drama at the Station

NESN – Drama at the Station

NESN Sport's Network
NESN Sport’s Network

I bet many of you watch a sporting network favorite, NESN, almost everyday. What many of you probably don’t know well, but have heard of, the recent drama behind NESN’s closed doors.

NESN recently made a huge announcement yesterday morning when Red Sox chairman Tom Werner addressed Red Sox Media in Fort Myers, Florida saying that well-known NESN reporter Jenny Dell is “free to leave the station” although she has one year remaining on her three-year long contract.

Werner stated that, “we talked about it internally, because I think that Jenny is a terrific reporter. We came to the conclusion and I think Jenny came to the same conclusion it would be a distraction for her to be a reporter, and so she’s moving on. It wasn’t a black-and-white decision because maybe she could divorce her personal life from her professional one, but in the end it was time to move on”.

The reason Jenny Dell will be leaving is because her relationship with third baseman Will Middlebrooks became public on New Year’s Eve when the third baseman tweeted a picture with Jenny Dell celebrating the New Year. It was also rumored that Jenny Dell has been interested in becoming a part of the network Fox Sports 1 at the end of December right around the same time that the picture was seen on Twitter.

At first NESN announced that they would be reassigning Dell, but now Werner’s comments show that NESN is ok with her leaving, and feels even comfortable about it. Although Jenny Dell will not be covering news about the Red Sox she hosts other programs on NESN, one being NESN’s Sports Today. Jenny Dell’s journalistic integrity could also still potentially be comprised as long as she is working in the market because she may feel that she has to withhold particular stories because of a greater obligation to Middlebrooks than her career.

NESN is said to be making the right decision to allow her to leave, because her presence on NESN could have potentially caused further concerns and questions.



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