PerkinElmer launches next-generation DNA services

PerkinElmer launches next-generation DNA services

PerkinElmer Inc., a Waltham life sciences company, said today that it has launched the launch of its next generation DNA sequencing and data analysis services, which can enable researchers to better explore the genomic origins of disease.

The new services will enable researchers to outsource their genome sequencing requirements through the PerkinElmer’s sequencing lab in Branford, Conn., the company said in a press release.

The release included a statement from Richard Begley, PerkinElmer’s president of emerging technologies, who noted that the company’s sequencing platforms and software suites are backed by an Internet-enabled “private cloud” for secure “anytime, anywhere” genomic data interpretation and analysis by customers.

“There is strong demand for the type of highly targeted outsourced genome sequencing and analysis services that PerkinElmer offers,” he said. “With our new services, we are meeting customers’ needs for highly actionable information on how to combat disease – not just providing data on a hard drive.”

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