Should You Photograph Your Dinner? What Boston Chefs are Saying on the Trend

Should You Photograph Your Dinner? What Boston Chefs are Saying on the Trend

Divine looking salad #foodporn
Divine looking salad #foodporn

One of the most common hashtags used on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is #foodporn, commonly used whenever someone is enjoying a great meal that is ‘picture worthy’ that they then post to one of these social media sites. Its hard to resist not sharing a meal that looks so delicious. I’ve even done so myself!

According to BBC, there have been recent reports that restaurants staff and chefs are not too pleased with customers taking photographs of their meals. There have even been some recent reports about this same issue occurring in France. One chef has even gone as far as to have a “no cameras” logo added to all the menus in his restaurant. This chef stated that when his dishes he prepares appear on social media it “takes away the surprise, and a little bit of my intellectual property”.

Bostinno was curious about this and decided to ask local chefs and people in the restaurant industry for their thoughts on this matter. Would they mind if someone took a picture of dishes they prepared?

Paul Turano, the chef and owner at Tryst and Cook Restaurant, seems to have no problem with it. He said that posting the images of his food on social media is a way of spreading the word about his food. He said that his staff even posts pictures to their own social media pages. Paul Turano said, “we’re not trying to surprise people, we’re just here to serve good food”.

Another chef and owner, Brian Poe of Tip Tap Room, Poe’s Kitchen at Rattlesnake, Estelle’s, agrees with Paul Turano saying that he doesn’t mind when customers take photos. He feels flattered that they would would want to take pictures of the meals he has prepared. He said anything that is posted anywhere about his food is only spreading the word about his restaurant.

Anthony Caturano, the chef and owner of Prezza, isn’t quite in agreeance with Paul Turano and Brian Poe. He claims that he hates the term ‘food porn’ even more so than when customers take photos of his food. He doesn’t entirely mind when customers take photos, as long as they don’t use a flash. But there are times when he isn’t pleased with how the pictures turn out, stating that when they’re posted to social media networks it compromises “the quality of what we are actually putting out”.

How do you feel about taking pictures of your food? Is it something you do? Do you use the hashtag #foodporn? Looking for your own restaurant? Check out some food related available properties here!



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