Suggestions for Female Commercial Real Estate Agents

Suggestions for Female Commercial Real Estate Agents

The suggestion are – be professional and do not over think of being a female.

“What?” You may say, “Everyone knows it and this is not what I want to hear from you.”

Business WomanIt’s true that sometimes women look good and may stand out in the many brokers to the client. It’s also true that there are still some people who prefer male agents, which is not under your control.  If you are looking for specific advice for women, I am sorry that this article will let you down. Because there is no such thing besides being professional that could help you being successful.                                                                                                                                                                                                   “They are not hiring you to just open the door (to show the property). They hire you for your professional knowledge and service.” said Stephanie Deering, a core commercial real estate adviser at ABG Commercial. “Your job is to educate your client and what you sale is your expertise. You always need to research and to learn. There is less emotional approach comparing to the residential real estate industry. The commercial real estate business requires more analysis, trouble shooting and negotiation skills, which could be built on the professional understanding of commercial real estate terminology, how money works in mortgage and how businesses are doing in your market.”

There are many things and ways to learn in order to be professional. Here are some approaches that Stephanie suggested when asked the how-to questions:

  1. Study other agents’ proposals.

You will know how they lay it out and how they put deals together, which will help to make yours better. It also helps you realize the unfamiliar terminologies and give you a chance to fuel up.

  1. Ask an experienced agent to take you to his/her property showing.

You will observe how he/she presents the best out of the property to suit the potential client’s business.

  1. Go to networking events, such as city chamber conferences, to meet lawyers, business men, attorneys and lenders.

You will find them to be quite helpful to answer your questions that fall under their expertise and give you an idea of what types of business are doing well in your market and what are not.

  1. Utilize the platforms such as Costar, LoopNet and Craigslist, not just for listing or looking for clients.

You will know what the right (competitive) price should be for different types of commercial properties at various locations in your market by looking at the statues of sold/leased properties and the active listings. Knowing the right price in the market can help you stay away from unrealistic clients and save your time to work for the client who is willing to adjust his/her expectation and get the deal closed.

Stephanie Deering, with years of experience in mortgage and commercial real estate industry, motivated by the satisfaction of helping others, plays a crucial role in ABG Commercial and works with business owners and investors on strategic planning, site selection, lease negotiations and related services. Click here to see Stephanie hot listings.

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