Need new apps for your Business? Try these !

Need new apps for your Business? Try these !

I fancy myself quite the tech geek and I am continually looking for new apps to improve my productivity. So I decided to share the ones I love with my readers. Now before I share keep in mind what works for me may not work for you.

  1. Simple – Their tag line is “Replace your Bank” and while they have not made me close my Bank of America account they at least have me thinking about it. Simple is mobile banking at its finest! Everything is based of their mobile application. Their app allows you to carefully track your spending (they send push notifications every time you use their card). You probably thinking, “How do you deposit checks?” Well that is easy just use their photo deposit and see it instantly reflected in your account. Last, The card is probably one of the sleekest debit cards on the market. Put your name in for an invitation to their banking service. simple
  2. Fedex Office – This app will help you get your life together when it comes to printing documents. Are you tired of sending files back and forth? Do you store a majority of your documents in the cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox)? If the answer is yes then I would recommend using this app. Fedex Office allows you to sync your Dropbox or Google Drive to the app and access all your files. It makes it easy to send files to print. Just choose your file, what your want to print it on, add it to your cart & pay, print it at any Fedex Printing Center. Give it a go! fedex
  3. Teamviewer – First, let me state that I was against this app at first. Then I started using the service and I have fallen in love with its simplicity. This is a remote control/file transfer service that we use on all of our computers in our office. This free application (for personal use)  is available for Mac, Windows and mobile. It allows us to increase productivity and work from home. We are no longer constrained by the general office dynamic.

With that said have a look at our listings!

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