Boston, Happier than New York

Boston, Happier than New York

smiley-balloonsA study done by three economists – Edward Glaeser, Oren Ziv (Harvard University) and Joshua Gottlieb (University of British Columbia) based on a large national survey about people’s satisfaction with life indicated the happiest and unhappiest metropolitan areas in the United States.
The report showed a significant trend of unhappiness of declining industrial cities. And the unhappiness in these declining areas appeared to be existed in their booming pasts. It is interesting that Springfield, MA with its Six Flags amusement park is on the list of Top 10 unhappy cities. Metropolitans on the east coast are less happy in general. Boston is less satisfying but better than New York. People especially young adults are still willing to relocate to these unhappy cities for better job opportunities, less rent or other reasons.
The least happy American regions are:
1. Scranton, PA
2. St. Joseph, MO
3. Erie, PA
4. South Bend, IN
5. Jersey City, NJ
6. Johnstown, PA
7. Non-metropolitan West Virginia
8. Springfield, MA
9. New York, NY
10. Evansville-Henderson, IN-KY

Read the full study “Unhappy Cities” here.

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