Boston Public Library to receive face-lift

Boston Public Library to receive face-lift

The Boston Public Library’s modern half in Copley Square might receive a face-lift  Although plans are in early stage, director of library services Michael Colford said, “This building has been around for about 40 years, so we think it’s time to take a look at it,” in a public meeting.

The goal is to improve the library’s appearance and functionality with the renovation. Architect William Rawn said his firm is looking at ways to open the building to the public. This may include removing exterior plinths that give the building a sense of bleakness.

Critics commented on Colford’s idea to include a retail establishment in the new library. Residents are concerned that this redevelopment is revenue driven and that a retail space will detract from the public space.

Chris Gordon, an adviser with a real estate development firm, says the library is looking to bring in a bookstore.

David Leonard, director of administration and technology, said the library made a “partial” budget request of $14 million from the city “to help us get started with the design and some early construction work.”

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