No immediate plans to build near Gillette Stadium

No immediate plans to build near Gillette Stadium

The Kraft Group is considering building an apartment building near the Gillette Stadium, reports the Boston Herald. However, the town planner of Foxboro said current zoning laws will not accommodate one-acre lots with single-family homes.

The town planner Sharon Wason told the newspaper, “They’ve got to change the rules somehow so they can build apartments.” She believes that more housing would be beneficial for the surrounding areas.

A spokesman for The Kraft Group, Jeff Cournoyer, said there were no immediate plans for housing near the Gillette stadium at this time.

“In holistic discussions with the town about available development opportunities over the past year, housing has been included among dining, retail and lodging as a long-term option, but while we are active in those other areas, there are no new developments to report on the housing discussion,” he said.

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