Brad Feld predicts long term growth for Boston’s technology community

Brad Feld predicts long term growth for Boston’s technology community

Boston’s technology community thrived in the 1980s and 1990s. Tech-startups in the area were unparalleled in the United States and Boston benefited economically from rapid growth within the technology industry. Today, well known venture capitalist Brad Feld believes that Boston is once again effervescent with opportunity.

Sponsored by the New England Venture Capital Association, Feld spoke to an audience of 100 this past Thursday about his insights on the current state of the industry. He described the early 2000s as a “dead” period primarily due to a disconnect between entrepreneurs and investors. Venture capitalists had previously seen their role as being bolsters of entrepreneurship; however, an “emotional shift” fundamentally changed this relationship.

Today, Feld says that Boston is once again experiencing a dynamic shift in the relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. The shift is, “concentrated around entrepreneurs.”

In fact, as a testament to this statement Feld brought his firm TechStars to Boston in 2009.

The take away from Feld’s speech was that Boston will thrive in the long run. The city itself, which is home to the world’s best universities, has an unparalleled pool of talent and entrepreneurship.

Source: The Boston Business Journal

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