CrossFit Woburn: A New Way to Get Fit

CrossFit Woburn: A New Way to Get Fit


CrossFit Woburn does business with ABG Realty.

Stephanie Deering of ABG Realty recently conducted business with CrossFit Woburn to find a commercial real estate property that would suit all of their real estate needs. The lessor and lessee were able to find a convenient large open athletic facility in Woburn. This multi-tenanted complex came equipped with high quality turf and rolled rubber flooring to suit a variety of businesses.

CrossFit strives to provide their customers with techniques for a healthy lifestyle with their unique fitness program. The program focuses on improving strength, power, flexibility, agility, stamina, endurance, balance, speed, coordination and accuracy for any individual. You do not have to specialize in a certain area to participate in the program, but the coaches will challenge you and you will eventually see results.

The owner, Mike Megrian, started CrossFit Woburn in 2007 with a deep passion for fitness and a genuine belief that CrossFit is the most well organized fitness program out here today. He was introduced and trained in CrossFit over 6 years ago by some of the most recognized CrossFit coaches. The business is very customer centric in that they tailor workouts for each individual and each workout is different. They offer 7 group classes per day where they combine weightlifting, gymnastics, kettle bells, and plyometrics to create a fun and challenging workout routine.

They have over 200 members with four certified coaches and they are the first CrossFit gym in the Woburn area. For those of you who want to try CrossFit they conveniently offer a free introductory session on Saturday mornings. To schedule a lesson call CrossFit Woburn at (415) 793-8978 or email

Also, if you are considering commercial real estate in the greater Boston area do not hesitate to contact ABG Realty at (617) 492-9900 and visit our website at

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