What are customers expecting from the coffee house

What are customers expecting from the coffee house


1. A coffee house that matches with consumers’ lifestyles.

If your sweet spot is located in an area crowded with colleges and offices, make a little effort to

make the place comfortable for working and socializing.

If your sweet spot is located in an area with significant high foot and car traffic, give some

thought to provide portable food items and even a better food wrap or container to meet the

on-the-go lifestyle.

2. A wider range of food options that fits a variety of needs.

Thanks to the recovering economy, consumers dining out more often. They want a menu with

more options of beverages, healthful meals and deserts. According to the research done by

Mintel Academy Report, 39% of the respondents would like to see more healthy items in coffee

house and donut shops and 23% want more food offerings. Consumers are more willing to try

new items and limited-time offers than before.

Thus, coffee house owner should consider of providing sandwiches, soups, salads, customized

food and seasonal items, which could help increase the time of visit and the expenses per visit.

3. An additional value-added benefit.

Beside food safety and quality, today’s consumers value a brand with other criteria such as food

sourcing, fair trade practices and employee satisfaction. As a coffee house, a claim of using

fresh local food and fair trade coffee beans will add a special value to your brand and build up

an emotional connection with your customers.


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