Deval Patrick notifies cities about road repair program

Deval Patrick notifies cities about road repair program

On Monday, Governor Deval Patrick notified cities and towns of their share of a $300 million statewide road repair program.

However, in the letter Patrick warned that the program would only progress at that magnitude if additional state revenues were raised.

The program, Chapter 90, increases statewide funding to $300 million, a 50% increase from last year. To fund the program, Patrick said he would need to issues another bond bill.

“Without the passage of either our tax reform proposal or additional revenue that is derived from options substantively comparable to that which we have proposed, investment in the Chapter 90 program will not be implemented,” Patrick said in his letter.

Patrick also went on to say that if revenue is not raised to support the road repair program, transportation needs will go unaddressed, which will subsequently create longer commutes and slow economic recovery.

No consensus on a revenue package has been reached at this time. Patrick continues to push for the approval of a bill that will raise $1.9 billion each year for education and transportation. The bill includes raising income tax from 5.25% to 6.25% and lowering sales tax from 6.25% to 4.5%.

For more information, check out the Boston Business Journal.

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