What to expect on Super Bowl Sunday

What to expect on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and whether you are interested in the game, the halftime show, food, or even the commercials—there is something for everyone. Let’s review all the things America has to look forward to this Sunday.

As most of America already knows, Beyonce will perform during the highly anticipated halftime show. It is rumored band mates from Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, will also join her on stage to celebrate the glory of football with approximately 100 million Americans who will tune in. America’s favorite diva won’t disappoint in a show that will feature the best the music industry can offer. Last year, Madonna lit up the stage with fellow artists Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., and LMFAO. Personally, I think it is a hard act to follow.

My second favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday—the commercials. A line-up of some of the most creative commercials is to air during the game. The average price of an 30 second ad this year? 3.8 million. Yes, million. For that kind of cash one can expect to be wowed during commercial breaks. One of my favorite commercials to be released thus far is by Pepsi. Watch below:

Then, there is the food. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the amount of food consumed on Super Bowl Sunday is only second to Thanksgiving. America can rest assured that there will not be a shortage of chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday. That was just a nasty, mean rumor that was circulated online last week.

Finally, there is the actual game. I’m sure will be fun, too. ABG wished you all a happy and prosperous Super Bowl Sunday!

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