When Google Class Equips a Real Estate Agent

When Google Class Equips a Real Estate Agent

Google GlassA real estate company in New York is using Google Glass to train their agents. As the company claimed in an interview with Inman News, the work between a client and the agent will be recorded (under the agreement of the client) and monitored in the real time by a manager with the purpose of enhancing the client engagement and the overall agent performance.

Besides monitoring, the manager could act like a real time Siri who hears the questions from the client, looks up the answer and then informs the agent. And also, the manager could show relevant sales techniques based on the real time conversation and hopefully help the agent to smooth the deal.

Let’s imagine an agent acting perfectly and knows everything… congrats, if you work with such an agent and she/he is not wearing a pair of smart glasses. Your agent is knowledgeable, experienced, has done lots of research for you and really put his/her heart on the deal.  However, will you still have the same feeling facing an agent with Google glasses on? Will you still trust the agent especially when you are talking about a million-dollar investment?

What do you think? Let us know!

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