New Happenings in Central Square

New Happenings in Central Square

Gorgeous Central Square on a sunny day!

Whenever the word ‘danger’ comes up, people become cautious and attentive trying to find out the cause.  No one would suspect danger to be paired with the word awesome. That’s exactly what the company danger!awesome has done.

 Danger!awesome is a company combining three happenings in technological business trends, laser-cutting, laser-engraving, and 3D Printing. This company is expanding and leasing out 2,000 square feet of industrial space in Central Square.  The 645 Massachusetts Avenue building will  add to their current 500 square foot shop located on Prospect Street.  Their current shop is located just 30 steps around the corner from the new space.

Cambridge is known to be the place for new high-tech and life science centers making it the perfect place for this workshop to be located. Cambridge, MA is not only a perfect area for retail and shopping, but it also houses office spaces, industrial spaces, and places of science and technological science. Harvard Square is in a great location at the heart of Cambridge making this location the best possible for danger!awesome.

Danger!awesome is a workshop where any customer can come in, design anything they want, and create that object using 3D printing. They don’t have to use their own gear making it extremely convenient for customers. For funding, danger!awesome is relying on a month long crowdfunding of $35,000 effort that is already a success. Danger!awesome is also part of Kickstarter’s most popular projects.  There, the company was featured as a staff pick, and has been getting great press along the way.

The grand opening for danger!awesome will be on March 15th, This is an event in Cambridge you don’t want to miss!


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