James Collins Mansion to be considered landmark

James Collins Mansion to be considered landmark

The Boston Landmarks Commission is contemplating a 90-day delay on the demolition of the James Collins Mansion. The delay would allow the Landmarks Commission to consider alternatives to demolition of the historic mansion.

Located in the City Point neighborhood on East Broadway, the mansard mansion is an iconic building. South Boston residents are petitioning the planned demolition of the 1867 mansion and have moved to have it recognized as a landmark. If recognized, developer Rocco Scippa, would be required to have any alterations made to the exterior approved.

Joanne McDevitt, chairwoman of the City Point Neighborhood Association, told the Boston Herald, “It’s a defining house on East Broadway… It has a lot of historical significance.”

However, despite the community support, getting the mansion recognized as a landmark will be an uphill battle, claims South Boston Historical Society President Robert Allison.

“Legislation does specify that something has to have local, regional or national importance, and the Boston Landmarks Commission does tilt toward national importance,” Allison said.

The mansion was constructed by Irish immigrant James Collins, a man who made is fortune in liquor trade and went on to become one of Boston’s largest philanthropists. The property helped define City Point as a neighborhood, claims Allison.

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