MBTA: Full Service Resumes

MBTA: Full Service Resumes

MBTA: Full Service
The MBTA now has full service.

Winter storm Nemo clearly left a huge mark on Massachusetts leaving most of the area with at least 3 feet of snow. The blizzard caused for the MBTA to completely shut down over the weekend, but crews have been working around the clock and it is now in full service. Their main goal over the weekend was to have full service so commuters would be able to get to their destinations and be safe while riding by Monday.

It still may take a little bit more time for people to get around so the MBTA recommends taking that into account when leaving out. Also, platforms may not be in great condition but this will also be addressed at time goes on.

WHDH reports, “As for those hoping to drive into the city, plan ahead. A parking ban was still in effect Monday morning. The state roads were passable, but drivers were in for a slower ride with a ban on break-down lane travel on I-95 and Route 3. Massive snow piles can make exiting and entering tricky.”

For those of you who may be driving please take the necessary precautions as there will still be snow built

up on the shoulders and breakdown lanes. (whdh.com)

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