American Express Launches e-commerce Twitter Service

American Express Launches e-commerce Twitter Service


American Express launches new service with Twitter.
Amex launches pay-by-tweet service.

American Express is launching a new payment system where Twitter users will be able to pay for products by putting a special hashtag on tweets. This service allows users to sync there Amex cards with their Twitter accounts.

Amex launched their Twitter sync last year where users were able to receive discounts on products but they have now decided to expand on this premise. This service will start Monday and customers will be able to buy certain items, while also receiving discounts. This includes a $25 Amex gift card for $15 and an Amazon Kindle Kindle Fire HD for $149.99 to just name a few.

Not only will consumers receive these discounts but after they confirm their purchase they will receive free two-day shipping.

It is still taking some time for e-commerce to really take off on social networks, but there are a few other companies who have linked with Twitter for commerce. It seems to be a good way to promote a brand on social media and there’s a chance that more companies could jump on the bandwagon. (

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