Panera Cares Cafe in Boston

Panera Cares Cafe in Boston

Panera Cares Community Café is now open in Boston near Government Center. This is one out of 5 of Panera’s nonprofit cafes around the United States that provides residents with food at whatever price they can afford. There are suggested donations and people can leave money in bins that are provided at the café.

“The idea, according to Panera founder and co-chief executive Ron ­Shaich, is to provide a place where everyone can eat with dignity, regardless of their ability to pay for a meal.”

In this economy it may be difficult for some to get 3 solid meals a day and the Panera Bread Foundation

Panera Cafe
New Panera Cares Community Cafe in Boston

, the organization that runs Panera Cares, wants to provide a place where everyone can eat without being judged.

This nonprofit is using their resources to cut back costs. Some of the baked goods and breads from previous days at other Panera Bread stores are brought in and sold for smaller suggested donations. Also, Panera’s vendors donated around $80,000 worth of free furniture and lighting to the café.

The Panera Cares Community Café’s are conveniently located by public transportation so they will have a wide variety of customers.  ( 

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