Todreas, consultant with Todreas Hanley Assoc., gives her views on commercial real estate

Todreas, consultant with Todreas Hanley Assoc., gives her views on commercial real estate


1. Professionally, where were you ten years ago and where are you now?

Now I am even more informed about dealing with town centers and the public sector. Times are far more complicated, and we have much more experience. We have greater understanding of the needs and demands of retailers, customers, landlords and developers. We are finding solutions for a variety of retail projects with diverse demographics and lifestyles. Today there is greater focus on the economy, competing markets, sustainable design, instant change and social marketing. What has remained the same is we still work hard to make each shopping experience unique and profitable.

2. What single event professional or personal has most significantly impacted your career?

Starting my own consulting and real estate businesses.

3. What was the best decision that you made in the last year?

Spending time identifying factors, practices, and conditions that combine to attract and retain the best retailers for urban centers.

4. What award or recognition has been the most meaningful to you and why?

Receiving the Public Relations Society Award for Faneuil Hall Marketplace because this was one of the first successful mixed-use urban retail projects nationwide and internationally.

5. How do you stay ahead of the curve?

By speaking directly to retailers and customers in person. By following local and national forecasts and trends, and by traveling out of New England to observe successful retail developments.

6. Who has been the strongest influence on your career and why?

Jean-Louis Solal, an ICSC visionary from France who had the perspicacity to note: Women comprise most of the market. They do the shopping. They should play a much bigger role in the development of retail centers than they usually do.

7. What impact has social networking had on your success?

So far, not much; however, through social networking we have identified associates on the West Coast whose expertise is helping individual retailers improve sales. By combining our skills with their strengths of in-depth assistance to existing retailers, we offer a more comprehensive consultancy for the repositioning of retail properties in financial distress.

8. How has the need to create a more sustainable environment influenced the way you do business?

The goal of Todreas HanleyAssociates from the start was to help create and promote pedestrian-friendly, interesting and market-related retail centers for the public and private sector owners. Through the years we have honed our skills and strategies, and are more than ready and able to move forward!

9. What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today?

There are no obstacles, just opportunities.

10. What advice would you give to a woman just starting a career in your field?

Be simultaneously global and local.

Name: Carol Todreas

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