Twitter Acquires Bluefin Labs

Twitter Acquires Bluefin Labs


Bluefin Labs acquired by Twitter.
Twitter acquires the Cambridge based company Bluefin Labs.

Twitter has acquired the Cambridge based company Bluefin Labs. Bluefin Labs is a social TV analytics company that was founded in 2008 and has raised 20.5 million from a wide range of investors including Time Warner Investments and the National Science Foundation. The company is unique because they analyze and discover what people say on social media about various shows and ads as they are watching it on television.

Since many companies are using twitter as part of their advertisements it comes to no surprise that Twitter would make this acquisition. The transaction estimate is between $50 and $100 million and this is the second Cambridge based acquisition that Twitter has made.

Business Insider reports that “In the eyes of advertisers, Twitter is arguably the most important social network. Again, if you look the Super Bowl, 50% of ads that ran mentioned Twitter. Only 8% mentioned Facebook; none mentioned Google +.”

Twitter users love to use the social media site to put forth their thoughts about various television shows. Bluefin Labs can offer detailed reports about which brands are discussed most of social media.

It seems that Twitter is really becoming a dominant force in social media. (

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