Largest Corporation in the World has Secret Office in Cambridge

Largest Corporation in the World has Secret Office in Cambridge

Shell Gas Station
Shell Gas Station

It has been recently announced that the largest corporation in the world, Royal Dutch Shell, has set up a shop in Cambridge sometime last year. It wasn’t noticed much when the office space was being built and renovated, and no one really knew who was going to go in there. Little did they know it would be Royal Dutch Shell.

Royal Dutch Shell is an extremely profitable corporation. It has $481 billion in revenue and 87,000 employees. Housed now in Cambridge is the corporation’s first Shell TechWorks innovation office in Kendall Square. The objective according to the company’s web page is to, “work with local entrepreneurs, investors, companies, scientists, partners and suppliers to help speed up the deployment of new technologies in Shell’s business.” Shell has not officially announced the office yet, but it has been said that it will be run by former Draper Laboratory executive, Shawn Murphy.

Shell will not speak directly about the office, but it is known that there is approximately twenty-five employees there now and its been stated that the number will grow to forty within a year, or two. A job description recently posted about Shell TechWork states, “The purpose of STW is to accelerate development and deployment of technology for Shell by leveraging the Boston-area tech ecosystem of academics, research, incubators, and entrepreneurs. STW is set-up in such a way that it creates the feeling of a start-up company. Project teams will be responsible for the development of innovative technical solutions through the full product lifecycle: from first-of-a-kind prototyping to product deployment”.

The location of  Shell TechWorks has been disclosed: 101 Main Street in Kendall Square. It is located in the same building as Amazon’s Cambridge team. Another source states that most of the new employees hired to work at this office are workers new to the company and to the oil and gas industry. Their goal is to not only look for new ideas related to the energy industry, but to also find ways to work more efficiently together as a team and with customers.

This exciting news only boosts Cambridge’s popularity. If the largest corporation in the world, Royal Dutch Shell, wants to have an office space here, don’t you?

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