Government Center Station Closure

Government Center Station Closure

Entrance to Government Center Station
Entrance to Government Center Station

The easiest and most efficient way to commute around and in the Boston area is by riding the T. It is a common use of transportation that many citizens use. The “T” has stations all throughout Boston and in neighboring areas. A nub on the T, connecting the Blue and Green Lines is Government Center Station. Beginning on March 22, 2014, the Government Center Station will be closed for two years. Crews will be working to upgrade the station. They want the Government Center Station to be completely accessible to anyone, safer, and a more pleasant environment. Being in such a center area of Boston, this closure is going to cause some difficulties for T riders.

There are many improvements that are in process for Government Center Station. The project will look to improve the Green Line Station, Blue Line Station, and Cambridge Street/Government Center Plaza. A main goal is to have Government Center station be in conformity with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Boston Center for Independent Living Agreement. As of now, the only way to access Government Center Station is using stairways and escalators – posing a problem to those who need other ways accessing the station.

The Government Center Station is first going to have improvements made to the Green and Blue Line Station that will have a new head house structure as the primary entrance and raised code compliant platforms in order to provide access to the individuals who cannot use the stairways and escalators. Improvements also include new and improved escalators, upgraded backup electrical power, mechanical systems, lighting, and many more. The reconstruction of Cambridge Street and a portion of the City Hall Plaza will include new accessible paths of travel to and from the station. This project will also include the station to adhere to all current code requirements.

Understandably, many people are wondering how this will affect their commute. The crews appreciate the patience the citizens are having with the reconstruction of this station and suggest allowing an extra ten to fifteen minutes for travel if your usual route included stopping at Government Center Station when traveling on the Blue and Green Line trains. There is a new recommended trail to travel, which is to travel to Haymarket Station and transfer over to the Orange Line heading towards Forest Hills. Another new trail is to travel to State Street and then transfer to the Orange Line towards Oak Grove.

To make this new journey even easier, a shuttle bus will be provided. It will leave Haymarket Station every twenty minutes, seven days a week. The bus will make stops at State Street Station, Government Center Station, Bowdoin Station, and then it will return back to Haymarket Station to make the round again. This shuttle is complimentary to all T Riders as no fare will be collected.

This project is much needed, and will only improve travel for citizens once the reconstruction is complete. As of right now, the planned project time is two years. Although that may seem like a very long period of time, it will be over before you know it! Government Center Station will be new and improved making traveling even more efficient.


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