Super Bowl Commercials: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Super Bowl Commercials: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Super Bowl  Commercials: Good or Bad?
2013 Super Bowl Commercials

Did the Super Bowl ads live up to your expectations? Last night, various social media outlets were buzzing about the commercials that were unique, heart-warming, or just plain boring. With the help of Brand Bowl 2013, viewers were able to tweet their reactions to the television ads by using the hash tag brandbowl to weigh in on what commercials they thought were the best and the worst.

The scores are in and Volkswagen took the top spot with its unique take on the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, which acquired over 86,000 tweets.  Bud light came in second place and was the most talked about with their story about a lucky chair. Also, Taco Bell received the award for Most Loved by coining the phrase “Viva Young” and playing “We Are Young” by Fun. While Audi played at the heart strings of viewers by honing in on the idea that dreams really do come true at prom.

Companies spend millions of dollars to produce and air ads during the Super Bowl with hopes that they grab consumer’s attention. It is apparent that it is all about creating a story that viewers can connect with that will have them talking. So if you somehow missed some of the most talked about commercials of Super Bowl 2013 go ahead and take a look.

1) Volkswagen 

2) Bud Light 

3) Calvin Klein 

4) Taco Bell

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