Tropical Foods

Tropical Foods

Dudley Square might be getting a new-and-improved Tropical Foods!

Tropical Foods, a supermarket opened in Dudley Square in 1974, hopes to start construction with Madison Park Development Corp. on a $44 million mixed-use project.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority received their letter of intent, which outlined plans to develop 2.75 acres in Dudley square in a series of phases. Tropical Foods will occupy a $14 million space that will be built during the first phase of construction.

This is exciting news for owners Ronn and Randy Garry who are third generation owners of the supermarket. Tropical Foods was established in 1974 as “El Platanero” by Pastor Medina, a Cuban immigrant who dreamed of opening a supermarket in the United States. What once was a small convenience store has grown to a full sized supermarket with over 8,000 products, 70 employees, and approximately 675,000 customers a year. The market will be celebrating 40 years of operations next year.

Co-owner Ronn Garry Jr. spoke to the Boston Herald about the new project. “It’s only fair to our customers that we get that new store so we can give them the shopping experience that they deserve,” co-owner Ronn Garry Jr. said. “It’s also a good sign, in this day and age — when independent (grocers) such as Johnnie’s Foodmaster and Hi-Lo are going out of business — to see an independent that’s willing to expand and build new.”

Garry hopes to include a deli, bakery, and freshly prepared foods in the new market in the 27,000 square foot space the store will occupy.

The projects second phase will be a 54,000 square foot building with office and retail. The space might even include residential units.

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