Zipcar will make move from Cambridge to Boston.

Zipcar will make move from Cambridge to Boston.

Zipcar Inc. announced yesterday in a press release that they will move their offices from Cambridge to Boston.  Zipcar plans on occupying 35 Thomson Place in the Seaport District.  They plan on occupying the entire 6-floor 46,000 square foot building. This all comes as a clear push to make the Seaport District the new Innovation District of Boston.

In a quote from the release, “The move comes as a result of conversations years ago between Zipcar Chairman and CEO Scott Griffith and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.” It goes on to state, “At that time, the two discussed a shared vision for the transformation of the Seaport district into a hub for technology-oriented companies.” (

From the information given the city and its profound companies are looking to reconstruct the Seaport district as quickly as possible.  There are already many notable companies and incubators in the Seaport District already such as Emanate,  BostInnovation , Mass Challenge. Zipcar will provide another large name to the area and help the rapid growth of the Seaport District. It will be interesting to see if this company’s move will make an impact on the dynamic of the area.

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