1st Annual East Coast Caffeine Crawl in Boston

1st Annual East Coast Caffeine Crawl in Boston

Boston Caffeine Crawl
1st annual East Coast Caffeine Crawl takes place in Boston

The first annual East Coast Caffeine Crawl will be taking place in Boston on Saturday. The crawl is a five hour tour of the area’s best independent coffee shops that is aimed at educating participants on the art of coffee consumption.

“Coffee is such a morning ritual for everyone,” says founder Jason Burton. But there was a gap between the coffee industry and coffee drinkers.”

There has been extensive research done to provide consumers with a pleasant experience. Coffee shops were chosen based on their high quality brews and all the shops are easily accessible. Six coffee shops will be visited on each tour and there are three variations of the Caffeine Crawl.

“Over a five-hour period of time, all that caffeine claims Burton, results in a “crazy camaraderie” between crawlers. And of course, everyone has an extra boost of energy when the day is done.”

All the tours will be on Saturday April, 13th from 11am to 4pm. For more information check out bostinno.com

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