Center of Innovation

Across Industry Sectors

Boston is a leading center of innovation in multiple sectors including life sciences, high tech, clean energy, maritime and aerospace. Because of the large entrepreneurial base, and the great concentration of universities, research centers, hospitals and support services, there are many other types of companies developing products ranging from new social networks to cars that can fly like airplanes, to innovative drugs. Following is a brief description of these sectors:


Massachusetts companies and institutions are key participants in all aspects of the aerospace industry, from jet engines to homeland security and from the space shuttle to space exploration. The aerospace industry is one of our country’s most critical and strategic industries with a vital role in our culture and economy. Our aerospace capabilities provide passenger and freight transportation, homeland security and defense, television, radio, telephone and data communications, GPS, weather forecasting, satellite imagery, space exploration and so much more. Directly and indirectly, aerospace also supports and provides technology and services to the agricultural, computing, healthcare, communications, construction, automotive and energy industries. There are over 1,200 organizations with facilities in Massachusetts that contribute to the field and generate billions of dollars in revenue through research and development, manufacturing and consulting services, but most people are unaware that Massachusetts plays such a key role in the aerospace field. The Mass Aerospace Council promotes, supports and fosters the development, growth and contributions of Massachusetts aerospace companies. Through seminars, networking events, workforce development programs, educational initiatives, public outreach and legislative efforts, Mass Aerospace Council is committed to advancing aerospace efforts and its benefits to individuals, organizations and countries worldwide. For more information please see

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