Apartment Owners Lean Into Technology To Meet Energy Targets

Apartment Owners Lean Into Technology To Meet Energy Targets

From green rooftops to energy reporting software, technology is playing a starring role in helping apartment owners meet aggressive ESG targets.

by Kelsi Borland / via Globe St

When BlackRock CEO Larry Fink called climate change an “existential crisis” in an open letter to CEOs at the beginning of the year, it was clear that the investment industry was taking a serious approach to energy efficiency.

In the last 12 months, there has been a spotlight on environmental, social and governance, also known as ESG, but it isn’t only investment capital that is prioritizing sustainability. Apartment renters are showing a clear preference for environmentally responsible housing. It is a combination that has not only incentivized but pushed owners and developers to reduce energy consumption.

Affordable housing investor Avanath Capital Management is not new to ESG. The firm has had an internal platform since its inception. “We are always looking for ways to optimize energy use and incorporate sustainable strategies throughout our portfolio,” says John Williams, president and CIO, Avanath Capital Management. “Our goal is to lessen our carbon footprint and environmental impact through proven strategies that we believe will accrete value to our investors. Our goal is to also deliver robust reporting on progress and set benchmarks for others in the industry to follow.”

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