CIC, C10 Labs launch an AI hub in Kendall Square

CIC, C10 Labs launch an AI hub in Kendall Square

CIC, C10 Labs launch an AI hub in Kendall Square

By Steph Solis

The creators of a new venture studio in Kendall Square aim to make Massachusetts the global center of the AI industry.

Driving the news: CIC, which operates “innovation campuses” worldwide, partnered with C10 Labs, an MIT Media Lab spinout, to launch an AI venture studio space.

  • C10 Labs is moving into a space leased by CIC at 245 Main St., where it will scale up to a staff of 15 and host a cohort of 15 startups, Shahid Azim, one of C10 Labs’ founders, tells Axios.

Why it matters: The founders want to harness the brain power from the local tech sector and universities to build a global AI hub that will outlast the initial hype surrounding AI, per the founders and CIC’s CEO, Tim Rowe.

Zoom out: New England is already on its way to becoming an AI hub, with dozens of AI startups in the software, robotics and life sciences industries.

  • MassChallenge and other organizations have also supported AI startups in recent years.
  • But C10 Labs and CIC want to build an ecosystem where experts across several industries, ethics advisers, investors and entrepreneurs can collaborate — one that reaches the same global renown as the state’s life sciences and robotics industries.

Details: C10 Labs formed earlier this year with Azim and fellow MIT Media Labs instructors Ramesh Raskar and Patricia Geli, all of whom have founded startups in the past.

  • They want to focus on “physical AI,” harnessing AI’s powers beyond the screen and into the real world. Examples of physical AI include using the technology to create a copilot for nurses or make manufacturing more efficient.
  • The first cohort includes an app that connects sensors to gym equipment, a startup using AI to cut middlemen from lease agreements and an AI marketplace and copilot to help fertility clinics with treatment and purchasing decisions.

What’s next: The staff will include experts in various sectors, including health care, energy and transportation, Azim says.

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