Form D Friday: Crypto intelligence provider, Greentown Labs startup raise funds

Form D Friday: Crypto intelligence provider, Greentown Labs startup raise funds

By Lucia Maffei

Form D Friday is a Boston Business Journal feature highlighting regulatory filings from Boston-area companies raising capital for new projects or expanding their businesses. Form D reports are a type of SEC form used to file a notice of exempt offerings of securities. The SEC requires companies file the notice within 15 days after the first sale of securities in the offering. These forms don’t include a lot of details but can provide clues as to what investors and business owners are planning. If you have any tips or comments about new Boston-area fundraises, email Lucy at

This week’s largest fundraise belongs to aPriori Technologies Inc., a provider of software for the manufacturing industry based in Concord. Overall, the early-stage companies we tracked between Oct. 16 and Oct. 20 raised over $51 million.

Here are some of the companies that raised money this week:

CrowdComfort Inc.: $3.8 million

CrowdComfort Inc., a Boston-based provider of software that helps employees report workplace requests, raised $3.8 million in equity and other securities from 28 investors.

The total amount of the offering is approximately $5.6 million, according to a Form D dated Oct. 19. The company raised $2 million last year.

Founder and CEO B. Eric Graham, who holds an MBA from Babson F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, says on his LinkedIn profile that customers include General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE), the MBTA and Boston University.

aPriori Technologies Inc.: $28 million

Concord-based enterprise software maker aPriori Technologies Inc. raised $28 million in debt and options as part of a total offering worth $65 million, according to a Form D dated Oct. 16. Two investors participated.

On Thursday, the company said it received an unspecified growth investment from Vista Credit Partners, a subsidiary of Vista Equity Partners.

In a release, aPriori said the funds will support innovation for aPriori’s cloud-based software, which helps manufacturers and product designers to estimate, manage and optimize production costs.

Eden GeoPower Inc.: $12.6 million

Eden GeoPower Inc., an energy startup based at Somerville climatetech incubator Greentown Labs, amended a previous filing to say it raised $12.6 million from 13 investors, according to a Form D dated Oct. 18.

The security offering, which has a total amount of $15.3 million, includes equity, options, simple agreements for future equity, or SAFEs, and other securities.

Maureen Stancik Boyce, managing partner of Good Growth Capital, is listed as a “related person” in the document.

Coin Metrics Inc.: $6.7 million

Coin Metrics Inc., a Boston-based provider of crypto financial intelligence founded in 2017, raised $6.7 million in equity, options and other securities, according to a Form D dated Oct. 18.

The company raised $35 million in Series C financing last year.

Previous investors include Acrew Capital, BNY Mellon, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments and Highland Capital Partners.

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