ABG Commercial Helps Bring Fuji to Assembly Row

ABG Commercial Helps Bring Fuji to Assembly Row

Fuji is coming to Somerville as part of the ongoing development of Assembly Row. Julian Lewis of ABG Realty was the sole broker in the transaction of 4,361 square feet of restaurant space between the JP Fuji Group and Federal Realty Investment Trust, the group behind the Row’s construction. This massive urban mixed-use development hopes to bring a lively new neighborhood to complement Boston and Cambridge.

Fuji at Assembly will place an emphasis on Chinese stir-fry, as compared to the sushi focus of its other locations such as Kendall Square. The Chinese cuisine will be served from an open kitchen that is visible to patrons. There will be 3 wok stations where Fuji’s chefs will display their talent through traditional Chinese stir-fry style cooking, and customers can see their dishes freshly prepared. To supplement the stir fry, a sushi element will be added for means of menu diversification. This will encompass 2 sushi bars, but it will not be part of the engaging stir-fry experience Fuji expects to offer.

As part of the Assembly Row project, Fuji will be right in the middle of a expansive district of retail, restaurants, entertainment, residences and offices designed to appeal to savvy, value-conscious and discerning consumers. As of now, Fuji stands as the only Asian-style cuisine in the Row, ensuring the business of customers with stir-fry in mind for dinner.

Fuji at Assembly  is slated to open in Summer 2014.

Fuji’s Kendall Square location

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