Greentown Startups’ Biggest Accomplishments of 2023

Greentown Startups’ Biggest Accomplishments of 2023

Greentown Startups’ Biggest Accomplishments of 2023


Greentown Labs’ 200+ startups are developing, deploying, and commercializing climatetech solutions to decarbonize the key greenhouse-gas-emitting sectors—agriculture, buildings, electricity, manufacturing, and transportation—and build resilient communities. There’s an incredible amount of work and collaboration needed to get these technologies out of the lab and into the world, from early-stage funding, to pilot projects, to first commercial deployments, and beyond.

Each year, we celebrate some of the most impressive accomplishments our members achieve along this journey. In 2023, Greentown startups installed more than 1,000 EV chargers, secured plans to deliver up to 1 billion gallons of sustainable air fuel, kicked off production at the United States’ first rare-earth refinery, began operations at a geothermal plant in partnership with Google, and so much more. 

Here’s just a sampling of their biggest wins this year.



  • Ohmium, a green hydrogen company, raised a $250M Series C for its proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer technology.
  • Amogy raised $150M in Series B funding for its emission-free, energy-dense, ammonia-power solutions. Greentown partners Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries joined the Series B-2.
  • American Battery Technology Company received two contracts from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE): a $57M contract for its first-of-kind, commercial-scale, lithium-hydroxide-manufacturing facility in Tonopah, NV, and a $20M contract to advance next-generation battery-recycling technologies. The startup also secured up to $50M in debt financing.
  • Energy Dome raised a €55M Series B to help scale its long-duration-energy-storage technology.
  • Peak Power, a provider of energy-optimization software and services, raised a $35M round led by Greenbacker Capital Management. It also secured $200M to deploy and finance energy-storage projects for commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Ambient Fuels, a developer of green hydrogen projects, received an investment from Generate Capital and an agreement from the company to fund up to $250M of green-hydrogen infrastructure
  • Sublime Systems raised a $40M Series A to advance its groundbreaking manufacturing process for low-carbon cement, with Greentown partner Siam Cement Group (SCG) as a lead investor.
  • Alloy Enterprises closed a $26M oversubscribed Series A for its novel manufacturing method that’s revolutionizing the making of aluminum parts.
  • raised a $22M Series B to ramp up sales of its HVAC-monitoring system.
  • Eden closed a $12M seed funding round—which was upsized and oversubscribed—for its Electrical Reservoir Stimulation technology, which it will deploy across geothermal, geologic hydrogen, and sustainable mining applications.
  • Lydian raised $12M in seed funding to decarbonize air travel with power-to-liquid fuels.
  • Capture6, a Carbon to Value Initiative Year 3 participant, received an $8M+ grant from the California Energy Commission for advancing water recovery and carbon removal through its use of direct air capture technology that uses saltwater to create a solvent for carbon capture.

Want to help Greentown startups achieve even more in 2024 and beyond? Here are some ways to engage with and support our members:

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