Kareer.me Helps Recruiters Find Job Seekers

Kareer.me Helps Recruiters Find Job Seekers

Kareer.me is a new start-up that allows people to find companies that fit their job qualifications, while also allowing recruiters to find people that are the perfect fit for their company.

Companies create a page and design it in a way that displays the company culture through a slideshow of the office space, current employees, and current job openings. Users are able to follow the company on the site. This website is good for those who are passively looking for a job, but are not yet looking for aggressive means to do so.

new start-up kareer.me
Kareer.me helps recruiters find talent that is right for their company.

“The site is built for this type of long-term engagement. Once a company on Kareer.me has followers, it can send them messages. Say a large company such as Ogilvy amassed 2,000 followers on Kareer.me and created a new position. The recruiter could send a message to anyone who’s followed the company in the past, rather than going out and posting the job opportunity on the web’s myriad job listing sites.”

The website is currently in beta testing and currently targeting San Diego, Los Angelos, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago companies. The company is built for digital companies where almost 90% of resources is on human capital.

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