Northland Newton Development

Northland Newton Development

Northland Newton Development

40 Years in the Making

The original developer of Marshalls Plaza in 1978, Northland has, over two generations, patiently assembled the critical mass necessary to create a 21st century green neighborhood that focuses on sustainability, wellness, connectivity, and permeability in a vibrant, live, work and play Newton gateway.


Promoting smart growth by converting an aging, obsolete, industrial complex into a vibrant, new, 23-acre mixed-use community in Newton.


A New Main Street

A new Main Street lined with inviting streetscapes and village style shops and restaurants will connect the Upper Falls Village to Needham Street.

Mobility Hub

Dynamic indoor public café providing live transit info connecting the community to the MBTA, ride and bike share programs, and public shuttle service operating 7 days a week.

Inspired Design

Committed to preserving the Saco-Pettee Historic District, the project integrates architectural styles that complement the Saco-Pettee Mills rich historic character.


Environmental Care

Environmental focus through sustainable planning, design, and construction principles in all phases of the development. Planting 750 new trees, the project will achieve the LEED for Neighborhood Development certification.

Connected Neighborhood

Seamlessly integrate residential, commercial and retail uses, animating the corridor with daytime and evening activity and fostering a strong sense of community for the area.

Community Engagement

As a member of the Needham Street Vision Plan Committee, Northland has held over 300 meetings and more than 2,200 one-on-one conversations soliciting feedback to recognize the important goals of the community.


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